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Flea Control | Bakersfield Pest Control | 661-587-1950 | Kern County

Flea Control

Fleas don’t just bite our furry friends, but humans as well. Fleas can contain a number of diseases that can infect your home and your pets. Removal is necessary in order to ensure health and safety. Bakersfield Pest Control can provide you with a total solution for removing fleas.


  • Adult fleas are about 1/16 to 1/8-inch long, dark reddish-brown, wingless
  • Fleas are excellent jumpers
  • They have piercing-sucking mouthparts and spines on the body projecting backward.
  • Eggs are smooth, oval and white.
  • Larvae are 1/4-inch long, slender, straw-colored, brown headed, and wormlike
  • Life cycle from egg to adult varies from two weeks to eight months
  • Newly emerged adult fleas live only about one week to several months


We have the experience, training, equipment and most effective insecticides for overall flea control.


There are literally hundreds of products on the market for flea control on pets and the premises. For successful flea control, infested pets and the premises need to be treated at the same time by a licensed professional.